Personal Responsibility

  • It is your responsibility and yours alone to decide if you are okay to participate in any SMART club riding activity – training or social ride.

  • Are you well [refer to I AM SAFE in Roadcraft] to ride your motorcycle ?
  • Have you checked your machine over ?
  • Have you appropriate riding gear for the ride ?
  • Is your motorcycle road legal ?
  • Are you confident enough to manage any weather expected for the day ?


  • SMART riding activities [outside of training] – For safety and insurance reasons, we can only accept members and only those that have had their Initial Assessment Ride.
  • Pillions are very welcome..
  • All members are asked to carry their membership card on all club activities.
  • Please study the Backmarker System that we use on all ride-outs and wizzes. It’s a tried and tested system that ensures riders can travel in their own space and at their own pace, well spread out from each other without loosing the group.
  • Refer to the Calendar for our next Ride-out – Click Here


Whilst we generally ride and train come rain or shine there are a couple of exceptions.  Please note the following…

Cold Weather
If the overnight temperature at the event location [per the BBC Weather] is forecast to be 3C degrees or below, the event will be cancelled.

If severe storms are forecast at the event location [per the BBC Weather] a review will occur.  If the decision is to cancel a notification typically via email will be made.

Training Locations Weather via BBC:

Tulleys Farm – Turners Hill

Mickeys Diner – Blue Bell Hill