Your Training


Once you have registered and joined the group you will be invited to undertake your initial assessment ride typically at either Mickeys Diner on the 1st Sunday of the following month or Tulleys Farm’ on the 2nd Sunday or the mid month Wednesday of the same month. The assessment ride will help establish a baseline for your training and will introduce you to the system of riding that will follow throughout your time with us.

In addition to our monthly training activities at either Mickey’s or Tulleys we also offer members in training the opportunity to attend our annual “Ride School” theory classes, this is an important opportunity to explore the “theory behind the training” to help ensure that the training you receive remains balanced and consistent. Ride School is an extremely valuable learning tool and should be attended as often as possible especially since it is included in your membership fee when you join the group and comes at no additional cost to yourself.

Further additional training is also available on request to members in training who would like to have training rides more frequently than once or twice a month at Group Sundays or for those who work shifts etc and are not always able to attend Group Sundays regularly.

Our Group Chief Instructor (GCI), Regional Chief Instructors, Senior Instructors and Instructors are always happy to help.  All you need to do is ask.


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Ride School
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