The Training


We have a friendly team of practical Instructors who value individual riding styles built around the central principles of Motorcycle Roadcraft, the Police Rider’s Handbook. We provide focused advanced training that leads up to the taking of the RoSPA Advanced Riders Test and is the highest test standard available to civilian motorcyclists in the UK. Here’s a quick rundown on how your on-the-road training sessions will be conducted.

On your first training visit to the group an Instructor will conduct an assessment run with you so that they can gauge your current riding capabilities and standard of your riding. Our assessment rides are non-judgemental and are cleverly structured to give us and yourself a clear starting point for your training.

Before you set off on any assessment or observed ride the Instructor in question will tell you how they will conduct the assessment ride and will always fully explain the process to you. The Instructor will also tell you how they will stop you during the ride if needed or what you should do if you wish to stop the session for any reason.  Normally this is done by overtaking you in a safe place and then leading you to a safe stopping area.

Once on the road the Instructor will lead the session from behind by means of directions given on his or her indicators. These indications will always be given in good time and a late signal will not be sprung on you to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. When coming across signs for junctions, turns etc be sure to check your mirrors for the Instructors indications in-case of a direction change.

Always be sure to try and relax during your training sessions, you should ride as you would normally ride but do remember that we ride within the rules of the Highway Code and within the posted speed limits. The Instructor accompanying you will not be prepared to exceed speed limits if you choose to exceed them.

At the end of your run the Instructor will provide you with structured feedback, both positive and negative, and will mark your Training Card with scores on each of the areas listed on the card as well as give you homework to go away and practice on. Please always remember that the instructors are there to help and that they are fellow bikers who once sat on the same end of the assessment or training ride as you are.

We fully appreciate and understand that the training is initially nerve-racking and that it can be hard to relax while somebody is watching your every move but rest assured after a couple of runs you will soon settle in and realise that your Instructor is human after all.

Instructor Training Sessions

Our Instructors are all highly trained and approved by RoSPA, they give their services voluntarily at no charge to members but in common with many other organisations we do ask for donations towards their petrol and their running costs as follows:

  • Instruction on a one to one basis: the trainee donates £20 directly to the Instructor in question.
  • Instruction on a one Instructor to two trainee’s basis: each trainee donates £15.00 directly to the Instructor in question.

Personal Responsibility

It is your responsibility and yours alone to decide if you are okay to participate in any riding activity ie: well enough [refer to I AM SAFE in Roadcraft] and/or confident enough to manage any weather expected before you attend and ride on the given day or not..


Whilst we generally ride and train come rain or shine there are a couple of exceptions.  Please note the following…

Cold Weather
f the overnight temperature at the training location [per the BBC Weather] is forecast to be 3C degrees or below, the training will be cancelled.

If severe storms are forecast at the training location [per the BBC Weather] the training may be cancelled.